1 year anniversary

It has been exactly 1 year since I started this Fitbit journey.

July 25, 2015
11pm – 12am : Start my nightly workout.  Weights, rower, situps, etc.
July 26, 2015
12am – 2am : Average about 12 miles on the treadmill
2am – 4:30am : Cool down, shower and work on some projects
4:30am – 8am : 3.5 hrs of sleep or as I call it “power nap”
8am – 8:30am : Morning swim
8:30am – 9am : Shower and prepare for day in the city
9am – 10am : Drive to the city and park
10am – 11:30am : Walk around a bit around Columbus Circle
11:30am – 12pm : Met up with a friend
12pm – 1pm : Enjoyed a light brunch
1pm – 8pm : Start walk from Columbus Circle, north a few blocks to check out a street fair, then east to 5th Ave, south down to 34th, west to 9th Ave, south to 16th to check out Chelsea Market, southeast to Sprint St, cut down Broadway, east up Canal St, down Mott St (to check out the new ice cream place 10Below but we didn’t go because we asked customers that came out if it was worth the hour wait and they said it wasn’t.), down to South Street Seaport (finally sat down, rested a bit and had a lobster roll for dinner), back up to Canal St. for Elaine to catch the train home.  Finally!  Someone that can keep up with my city walk days!  But it’s not over for me…It’s 1 year anniversary.  Of course I would want to smash all my records…even the one made recently on July 12.
8pm – 9pm : Power walk from Chinatown back up to Columbus Circle
9pm – 10:30pm : Drive back to NJ, shopped at Hmart and head back home
10:30pm – 11pm : Rested a bit
11pm – 12am : Treadmill to get in those final anniversary steps
July 27, 2015 – 1 year anniversary of this Fitbit journey

Anniversary Records
1) 70,720 steps
2) 33.29 miles
3) 6,737 calories burned
4) 188 floors
5) 572 active minutes
6) 3 hours 22 minutes of sleep
7) 159.5 lb! (Started out at 225lb)

Badges for the day:
Screenshot 2015-07-27 00.05.58 Screenshot 2015-07-27 00.06.08 Screenshot 2015-07-27 00.06.18 Screenshot 2015-07-27 00.06.35
Screenshot 2015-07-27 00.17.24
Screenshot 2015-07-27 00.20.22

IMAG0608 IMAG0609 IMAG0610

Losing weight wasn’t my goal…it has been and always will be just the side effect.