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License Day

Workout 11pm – 2am…. -3,500 calories Cool down and work on personal projects 2am – 4am…. -200 calories Wake up 6:30am Get to DMV at 7:45am Wait in line for an hour drinking coffee…. +10 calories Trying to prove my name to the DMV since I technically have 5 different and totally legal names.  Luckily […]

Tech Upgrades

Upgraded my GoPro 3 to the 4 Silver since it was acting a bit wonky after flight day… Also got Windows 10 installed on the Macbook 12″.

Fitbit $FIT

Loving $FIT!  Made crazy profits EOD right before ER at $51.80!!  Sold off my 5K shares that I got in at $35.  #FitbitLoyalForLife

Macbook 12″

Got a USB-C cable and didn’t know what to use it for:   So I got this accessory to use it with: Loving it so far!

Logitech MX Anywhere 2

Loving my new Logitech mouse.  Actually love the whole MX line since I’ve purchased them since the beginning!  Keep up the great designs Logitech!

Project Tango

Got Google’s Project Tango development tablet…loving it! K1 processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB + microSD slot, LTE and the awesome IR tracking and 3D motion sensor camera


Got in on the Fitbit IPO with 10k shares at $20.  Got 50% on the first day!  Easy money!!  #FitbitLoyalForever

Marley Zion

Got a bunch of these earth friendly headphones for the employees.  FSC Certified Sapele Wood, Recycled Aluminum Alloy, Recycled Plastic Strain-Relief, Tangle-Free Fabric Cable.

Polaroid Zip

Got the new Polaroid Zip from Photojojo.  First time shopping from them and I’m pretty happy with the purchase.  Love how they included a surprise dino with the shipment. Size comparison of the Polaroid Zip vs Fujitsu Instax

The Investomer

Had an interesting experience on Sunday at Starbucks which prompted me in creating a new website. The Investomer is a site that reviews companies in the eyes of the investor and as a customer.  It’s totally ad-free and honest opinions. Hope everyone enjoys it.


Sunday snow and my heated driveway decided to have a bad day. Had to call someone to shovel it…so ugly… ‪#‎FirstWorldProblems‬

Blue Note Blend

So I read that Starbucks will stop carrying CDs for sale by the counter. Their first ever CD was Blue Note Blend and guess what I found when I dug through my collection. A mint condition unopened Blue Note Blend!!

Super Bowl Sunday

Had a relaxing day today.  Went to Cheesecake Factory for a nice brunch.  Had the asparagus salad.  Was super healthy and yummy.  Had to remove those shaved cheese though. Then went to check out $PLAY to see how my stocks will jump on Monday.  Looks packed and everyone eating and playing games!! Yep…I’m officially a […]

Mayday Fail

So I was on my Kindle Fire HDX and was curious if the video app had a “list view” or a way to show the video file name.  I was pretty sure they didn’t have that option but I wanted to make sure so I used the Kindle Mayday function which puts me in contact […]


One of my customer was like “Wow…have you lost weight?”. I said “yes over 40 lbs since late July”. Then he asked “How you feel? You feel good?”. Then I replied “I feel colder without the fat…” =D High risk activities aren’t an emotional distraction, they’re a relaxant. When risk is involved, it occupies my […]