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License Day

Workout 11pm – 2am…. -3,500 calories Cool down and work on personal projects 2am – 4am…. -200 calories Wake up 6:30am Get to DMV at 7:45am Wait in line for an hour drinking coffee…. +10 calories Trying to prove my name to the DMV since I technically have 5 different and totally legal names.  Luckily […]

Marley Zion

Got a bunch of these earth friendly headphones for the employees.  FSC Certified Sapele Wood, Recycled Aluminum Alloy, Recycled Plastic Strain-Relief, Tangle-Free Fabric Cable.

Polaroid Zip

Got the new Polaroid Zip from Photojojo.  First time shopping from them and I’m pretty happy with the purchase.  Love how they included a surprise dino with the shipment. Size comparison of the Polaroid Zip vs Fujitsu Instax

The Investomer

Had an interesting experience on Sunday at Starbucks which prompted me in creating a new website. The Investomer is a site that reviews companies in the eyes of the investor and as a customer.  It’s totally ad-free and honest opinions. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Blue Note Blend

So I read that Starbucks will stop carrying CDs for sale by the counter. Their first ever CD was Blue Note Blend and guess what I found when I dug through my collection. A mint condition unopened Blue Note Blend!!

Super Bowl Sunday

Had a relaxing day today.  Went to Cheesecake Factory for a nice brunch.  Had the asparagus salad.  Was super healthy and yummy.  Had to remove those shaved cheese though. Then went to check out $PLAY to see how my stocks will jump on Monday.  Looks packed and everyone eating and playing games!! Yep…I’m officially a […]

Mayday Fail

So I was on my Kindle Fire HDX and was curious if the video app had a “list view” or a way to show the video file name.  I was pretty sure they didn’t have that option but I wanted to make sure so I used the Kindle Mayday function which puts me in contact […]


One of my customer was like “Wow…have you lost weight?”. I said “yes over 40 lbs since late July”. Then he asked “How you feel? You feel good?”. Then I replied “I feel colder without the fat…” =D High risk activities aren’t an emotional distraction, they’re a relaxant. When risk is involved, it occupies my […]