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License Day

Workout 11pm – 2am…. -3,500 calories Cool down and work on personal projects 2am – 4am…. -200 calories Wake up 6:30am Get to DMV at 7:45am Wait in line for an hour drinking coffee…. +10 calories Trying to prove my name to the DMV since I technically have 5 different and totally legal names.  Luckily […]

1 year anniversary

It has been exactly 1 year since I started this Fitbit journey. July 25, 2015 11pm – 12am : Start my nightly workout.  Weights, rower, situps, etc. July 26, 2015 12am – 2am : Average about 12 miles on the treadmill 2am – 4:30am : Cool down, shower and work on some projects 4:30am – […]

Records Day

July 12, 2015 Records are meant to be broken… Today was an awesome day.  It was sunny and in the 90s. 12am – 2am : Still working out since 11PM July 11th.  Weight train and 500 situps.  Probably added ~15K Fitbit steps to be counted in July 12th. 2am – 4am : Cooled down, showered […]


Sprained my right shoulder muscles while playing tennis.  painnnnnnn Well at least I won the match since I play southpaw style as well! =D 

Freezing Feb 15th

Zero degrees weather outside today and I did a crazy thing…and it was awesome!!! Parked my car at Columbus Circle then walked to Rockefeller for brunch. Went to Nintendo World to pick up the new 3DS. Then walked to B and H Photo to check out some cameras. Then walked all the way down to […]

Fitbit Charge HR

Replaced my Fitbit Flex with the Charge HR. Loving it! Thank you Shanella for introducing me to Fitbit! Awesome device and has been my “security blanket” since “that day”. ‪#‎FitbitLoyalForever‬

Love climbing

This is awesome! Always loved climbing since I first tried it in gym class in high school. Definitely getting this!!


I’ve shrunk again…down to 34×30 regular fit pants now!!  Hard to imagine that I was at 42×32 relaxed fit a few months ago.

Almost there!

About to cross over to the 170s!! Bank of America giving out (RED) shoelaces! Power breakfast of eggs, onions and mushrooms Dinner of XO, King Oyster and tofu soup Check out my 4 dates for the night!  Picked these hot babes up at the supermarket…lol


I’m so angry all the time. Will it ever go away? – A young Master Bruce Strained my neck the other day.  Advil to save the day! New stats from the supermarket stats machine…Ordered a Omron BP786 so I can check my stats at home! Sanyo Eneloop Neck Warmer….I’m so ready for the winter!!


Wonder if they got these paperbacks and magazines in Kindle digital format? LOL Of course there’s going to be a minion photo! Check out my awesome rates now!!  Wonder if anyone would care if I hit zero?!?! Time to do some traveling….. =D


Went to check out the new Microsoft Band at the MS Store in GSP!  Looks huge next to my Fitbit Flex.  I think I’ll stick with the Flex since it got me through some tough time these past few months.  It has been LOYAL to me and I will forever be loyal to the brand! […]

Oct. 29, 2014

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face; You must do the thing you think you cannot do. – Eleanor Roosevelt Got a new rig for my gym…Bowflex Body Tower!!  Something extra to add to my workout routine. Found some old clothes.  I […]

Oct. 26, 2014

Went to tee off at Rockleigh Country Club.  Great day…barely any wind.  Then went to the Palisades Center. Betting 100 shares of Disney on this movie.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a hit assuming they have a good storyline. Saw this pull-up station at Sports Authority.  Going to order it!! Dinner at East […]


At first I wanted to be lazy and skip working out tonight but then I decided against it and did 3 hours anyways.  187 lb tonight!  And the lesson learned: Never trust what the heart wants.  Use your mind and logic will prevail. – Jackie Cheng


Skipped working out last night and just made it up today. 189lb… Time for salad dinner and another 3 hour workout tonight. Let’s see if anything changes… 6 hours working out a day isn’t overkill is it?? I wonder if I swap it up and workout 10 hours and only work 3 hours a day. […]

The Elusive 190

OMG…took so much extra days to get to 190lb just because I ate out for 2 dinners…grrrr.  The elusive 190lb finally achieved on Oct. 17, 2014!  Time to aim for my goal #2 of 185lb!  

What motivates me

A friend asked me for some motivation for exercising.  Now that’s a first for me being asked about exercising.  So I’m going to talk about what motivates me.  But be warned.  My motivation isn’t right for everyone.  I actually won’t want anyone to follow my ways because I know it isn’t the right way.  It’s […]

The Book and The Names

My friend, Shanella, recommended a new book to read.  Very interesting reading and funny as well.  Loving it so far! Nicknamed my weights “Love and Hate” because I will conquer them.  My treadmill is named “The Never Ending Story” because it goes on forever.  And my heavy bag is named “The Bitch” and I beat […]