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Got the Samsung SSD T1 500GB to backup my dropbox data.  Remember to always backup your data!  Make a few copies if different locations. Healthy shopping! Just realized I got too many oranges…gotta juice it!

Records Day

July 12, 2015 Records are meant to be broken… Today was an awesome day.  It was sunny and in the 90s. 12am – 2am : Still working out since 11PM July 11th.  Weight train and 500 situps.  Probably added ~15K Fitbit steps to be counted in July 12th. 2am – 4am : Cooled down, showered […]

Yummy in the city

Met up with a friend for some yummy foods.  Had lunch at Landmarc.  Food was “ok”.  Noise was out of control there.  Way too many kids and packed like sardines!  Seriously…they need to raise their prices to weed out the noise makers.  Not relaxing at all.  Then we went to Ktown for some dessert at […]

Freezing Feb 15th

Zero degrees weather outside today and I did a crazy thing…and it was awesome!!! Parked my car at Columbus Circle then walked to Rockefeller for brunch. Went to Nintendo World to pick up the new 3DS. Then walked to B and H Photo to check out some cameras. Then walked all the way down to […]


Had a nice lunch at Mei Lai Wah in Chinatown.  Pretty good food for a small place.  Try it out!! 164.5lb!!  YAY


Tried this protein bar out and it’s pretty good…might get some more

Super Bowl Sunday

Had a relaxing day today.  Went to Cheesecake Factory for a nice brunch.  Had the asparagus salad.  Was super healthy and yummy.  Had to remove those shaved cheese though. Then went to check out $PLAY to see how my stocks will jump on Monday.  Looks packed and everyone eating and playing games!! Yep…I’m officially a […]

Almost there!

About to cross over to the 170s!! Bank of America giving out (RED) shoelaces! Power breakfast of eggs, onions and mushrooms Dinner of XO, King Oyster and tofu soup Check out my 4 dates for the night!  Picked these hot babes up at the supermarket…lol


One of my customer was like “Wow…have you lost weight?”. I said “yes over 40 lbs since late July”. Then he asked “How you feel? You feel good?”. Then I replied “I feel colder without the fat…” =D High risk activities aren’t an emotional distraction, they’re a relaxant. When risk is involved, it occupies my […]


Wonder if they got these paperbacks and magazines in Kindle digital format? LOL Of course there’s going to be a minion photo! Check out my awesome rates now!!  Wonder if anyone would care if I hit zero?!?! Time to do some traveling….. =D


Went to check out the new Microsoft Band at the MS Store in GSP!  Looks huge next to my Fitbit Flex.  I think I’ll stick with the Flex since it got me through some tough time these past few months.  It has been LOYAL to me and I will forever be loyal to the brand! […]


Skipped working out last night and just made it up today. 189lb… Time for salad dinner and another 3 hour workout tonight. Let’s see if anything changes… 6 hours working out a day isn’t overkill is it?? I wonder if I swap it up and workout 10 hours and only work 3 hours a day. […]


Waiting for mom to get done with her check-up. 199 Mott St.  – Looks like a great investment…. Keep Refrigerated LOL Loving dim sum!!

Mid-week post

A bit cooler this week but still lovely outside. Been eating super healthy as usual.  Lots of salads: Also slowly hitting my goal #2.  191.5lbs now…woohoo Also go in the Moto360.  Hardware is awesome…Android Wear software on the other hand is too “young”.  Not ready for prime time.

Sept. 25, 2014

Slowly getting to my 2nd goal…. Still learning to wrap my hands properly. Hahaha…saw this whole box of minions at the supermarket…but I’m on diet so didn’t get them.  But did get a whole box of fresh figs!!

Don’t fear anger…embrace it!

According to wikipedia: Anger is an emotional response related to one’s psychological interpretation of having been threatened. Was I threatened?  In a way I was.  My mind and heart was threatened by someone that I truly loved.  But I have accepted the reality. The reality that I was, still and will be angry about not with […]

Relaxing Sunday

Slept around 5am the night before and woke up at 1pm.  It was a good long sleep…haven’t had one of those in a long time.  Jumped into the pool for a morning swim then cooked myself a nice brunch.  Everything fresh from local farms!  2 blended oranges for the OJ, 2 cage free eggs with […]