Dove No More

Decided to brush up on my creative writing and came up with a new sonnet for the Dove series.
It’s created with my “positive pessimistic” view in life.  What is “positive pessimistic”?  Well it sound like how it is…positive view of a pessimistic view.  Think of stealing is bad but robin hood steals and give to the poor.  Something like that…

Sonnet 13 – Dove No More

Darkness has engulfed this once scenic room,
Trapped in a cage that will not give.
Leaving the Dove time to think of its doom,
Prying away at the bars was addictive.
Air is tight as the fire consume,
Silent is the Dove for it cannot scream.
Slowly shedding away this feathery costume,
The pain is real for this is no dream.
Unable to see and unable to feel,
Staring into the abyss as this body reek.
From the ashes the skin peel,
For this is not darkness that I seek.
   Death, the Dove for there’s no fix,
   Risen, comes the Phoenix.