Mayday Fail

So I was on my Kindle Fire HDX and was curious if the video app had a “list view” or a way to show the video file name.  I was pretty sure they didn’t have that option but I wanted to make sure so I used the Kindle Mayday function which puts me in contact instantly with a tech support person.  Some asian lady came on the video chat and I proceeded to show her the issue.  It was pretty obvious that she’s one of those scripted tech support personnel…never thinking outside of the box or using reasoning to solve a problem.  After 2 whole minutes she said “Let me check some settings”.  Then she navigated to the settings screen, clicked on wireless, then turned on Airplane mode.  Instant disconnection.  WOW!  So my reasoning is that on Amazon’s log it shows that it was I that disconnected from the support session and not her cutting me off!!  #AmazonFail #MaydayNeedsAMayday