Records Day

July 12, 2015
Records are meant to be broken…

Today was an awesome day.  It was sunny and in the 90s.
12am – 2am : Still working out since 11PM July 11th.  Weight train and 500 situps.  Probably added ~15K Fitbit steps to be counted in July 12th.
2am – 4am : Cooled down, showered and worked on some personal projects.  1 large bottle of water.
8am – 9am : Wakeup, swim and showered.
9am – 10am : Starbucks Cold Brew Iced Coffee with Soy and Took the Aston into the city and parked at Columbus Circle.
10am – 11am : Speed walk down to Chinatown to get some accounting down at uncle’s.
11am – 12pm : Speed walk back up to Columbus Circle.
12pm – 1:30pm : Brunch with Riyo at Asiate.
1:30pm – 3:30pm : Looped Central Park partially.  1 large bottle of water.
3:30pm – 4pm : Checked out Bastille Day on 60th and 5th.
4pm – 5pm : Speed walk to 31st and 2nd to meet with Shanella for Minions movie!  Starbucks Cold Brew Iced Coffee with Soy.
5:30pm – 7pm : Minions in a theater where there’s significantly more adults than children.  1 strand of curly fry for dinner.
7pm – 8pm : Speed walk back up to Columbus Circle.  1 large bottle of water.
8pm – 9pm : Drive home.
9pm – 1opm : Rest and prep for work tomorrow.
10pm – 12pm : Workout and break all records.
12am – 1am : Weight training and 500 situps.
1am : Weigh in…159.5 lb.  BOOM….record…shattered!
1am – 2am : Cool down and 1 large bottle of water.

July 12, 2015 Records
1) 54,548 steps
2) 25.57 miles
3) 5,825 calories burned
4) 211 floors
5) 447 active minutes
6) 3 hours 43 minutes of sleep
7) 159.5 lb!

1595 fitbit 50k fitbit 54k fitbit weight goal