Englewood Hospital

Englewood Hospital is a great local hospital that has been caring for mom since she was diagnosed with cancer back in 2015.

The first time I’ve been to Englewood Hospital was back in middle school days when I messed my my right arm after falling off a bike.  Back then the hospital was really crappy and run down.  But they’ve definitely turned a new leaf after they started marketing it as the top hospital in this area (which is filled with rich donors).  Englewood Hospital grew greatly since the old days and have become the top hospital with top of the line facilities, new cancer building, new medical equipment, clean, professional and even the cafeteria food is great as well!

Since 2015, I’ve been taking mom in and out of this hospital for over 100 times a year for tests and chemo.  It has become a part of our lives and the people there has became part of our extended family.

Keep up the great job Englewood Hospital!!